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This changed my life. I could not recommend MYturn highly enough to someone who is seeking direction in career and life.
You have blown my mind. That bag of tricks was liberating, life altering and a way of healing and I don’t say that lightly. Thank you so much!
Jen Lund from MyTurn facilitated a team day for the Top of the South BNZ team. Jen gave us fantastic tools on how to get our brain working for us so that we can deal with a constant changing world & with the level of complexity in our lives.
Comments about Jen were: Positive, charismatic, inspiring, knowledgeable and insightful, unflappable, thoughtful, smooth presenter, no nonsense no fluff.
I would recommend Jen to anyone who is keen to get their team out of the office & spend important time just working on themselves - I believe she should be part of your wellness strategy for your people. Thanks Jen you are a star!
We did staff surveys after our MYturn days with you - You boosted our team engagement from 40% to 80% in only 3 days! Thank you!!
I first approached MYturn when faced with a major career decision. After our first session, I had my answer.
nelson vision
Because of you I have reconnected with my own values that had become lost under the stress and heaviness of my job. You are the bee’s knees!
Thank you so much for this session! I am re-energised, re-focused and am feeling inspired again!
A huge thank you! With your help and tools we made progress towards a new company direction - that was most impressive!
MYturn helps me gain focus and clarity to keep my business on track. I cannot overstate how much value the tools provide. = Being ready for the future of work. These students will be well prepared!
MYturn has pushed me outside my various comfort zones over years. I resolved major decisions and improved my productivity no end!
The sessions had a huge impact on the whole team. MYturn helped us to stay focused and reach our goals.
It was so good to take time out of the fishbowl and take a look at me and my direction. 10/10!
After only 2 MYturn sessions I have been able to climb out of a hole, my mind is clearer and I feel so much happier!
A sincere thank you for your exceptional conference workshop day. Our attendees loved your interactive session and the tools and resources.
sunrise at the myturn home

Pay what it’s worth

We have been overwhelmed with your generosity. Our income is in your hands, all team days are risk-free for you.
How much do you value clarity and productivity?
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MYturn was able to make me accomplish things that I have postponed for months!
Fantastic! The sessions were arranged in a good way to go from an introspective towards the issues that concern the whole team.
Thanks so much! I’ve really appreciated your inspiration, positive approach and support. You’ve given me some great ways to find and structure a practice that is uniquely me!
I have a better sense of self and feel better equipped to prioritise our program of work. Jen made everything very simple to follow, highly engaging!
In the last day I learned more about myself than in the last 5 years! So happy, this made my day!
I think the freedom to imagine everything possible then the steel to narrow these down is a great approach. You end up discovering unexpected gems and also experience unexpected losses. For something so simple it feels amazingly acute, honest and enlightening.
My gosh, I cannot tell you how incredibly different I felt / my energy was yesterday after those few days spend with you in your beautiful home. I woke so easily and I actually wanted to get out of bed! I moved quickly through my morning, did some yoga and strengthening exercises, all in the time that it would usually take for me to get ready to leave for work. So refreshing to have this energy and approach for the day. The birds and the view and the smells... and especially the warmth, food and conversation are all still fresh inside me.
I liked the quadrants/ matrix tool for decisions and enjoyed the self-evaluation sessions. Jen is easy-going, relatable, encouraging and engaging.
I can’t rate Jen highly enough - she is enthusiastic, generous and offered such interesting techniques to help get me thinking. I was able to make rapid progress as a result and came away feeling more confident of my place in the world and what I have to offer.
Thank you so much for joining us and leading a very thought provoking session. You have a great ability to get people relaxed (which is not easy for Bankers, I can tell you!). You have left us all with some great opportunities, which as leaders we will ensure there is a continual focus.