MYturn DAY who is it for?

WHO is it for?

You are curious and keen to learn.
You want to find or change jobs, develop work skills, connect with great people, get clarity and confidence.
You want to make sure you learn things that are relevant even when you change careers.


HOW does it feel?

A MYturn day is hands-on, active and goes deep.
in the morning we begin with solo exercises using pen and paper.
During lunch, you will get to know the others in the group - and by now you have lots of interesting things to talk about.
Then, you pick a fun project for the afternoon. This is a great way to get active, practice your people skills and work together.

Writing a CV without experience is hard - and a job interview is pure stress. Through coming to MYturn days I was able to understand my skills better AND I got to spend time with my future boss! He got to know me as a person, not a piece of paper, and it was a lot of fun.
— Simon, 21 years, Nelson, New Zealand
WHAT will I learn

WHAT will I learn?

You will learn how you can use your brain in the way that feels most natural to you.
You will learn how to recognize patterns and understand why other people do things the way they do. You will learn tools that make a tough decision very simple.
You will be able to coach and guide another person through a difficult situation.
You will learn what you should do next, who you should hang out with and why soft skills matter so much in your future.

I never liked screening CV’s or recruiters and listing job ads online. I prefer meeting people that I want to hire in real life. A MYturn day helps me hone my people skills AND I get to meet great employees like Simon. It’s like personal development, recruiting and a fun day out at the same time!
— Richard, 55 years, Nelson, New Zealand
WHY is this important

WHY is this important?

The working world is changing faster than ever before.
Most of the jobs that you will do in your future don’t exist yet. many tasks will be automated. you will need to make sure that you are able to adapt well to THOSE changes and challenges. you need to be able to use technology to support you aND you need to have great people skills to understand and lead others.


WHERE and WHEN is it?

We collaborate with innovative businesses!
NELSON - Ethically MAD
BRIGHTWATER - Tasman Bay Food Group

Solo Workshop
Social Lunch
Project Time
Snacks & Recap

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