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MYturn = A unique blend of self-discovery, group projects and 1:1 coaching slots where you learn about yourself, connect with others and create your future.

The World Economic Forum says you must have TEN WORK SKILLS by 2020.

Have you learned them in school?

complex problem solving.png

complex problem solving

Problem-solving skills help you get to the source of a problem and find an effective solution. It is a combination of important work skills, such as active listening, analysis, research, creativity, communication, dependability, decision making and team-building

critical thinking.png

critical thinking

Critical thinking does mean to gather all the facts and perspectives, analyzing them well and coming to a conclusion or judgement. To do this well, you have to put any ego aside and practice communication skills and analytical thinking.



Creativity is getting you through anything. The ability to make new things, use resources wisely and produce solutions is needed in any workspace. The more technology takes over routine tasks, the more humans need to think outside the box and come up with ideas to do things in new ways.

people management (1).png

people management

People aren’t easy to quantify and control. We all have our individual hopes and dreams, as well as opinions. We’re also motivated, strong, and powerful. If you lead others well, you can create bigger and better things and have a lot of fun and respect on the way.

coordinating with others.png

coordinating with others

Similar to people management, coordinating people is important to get large projects done, teams feel productive and engaged. Work flows faster, better and becomes safer. Save time, improve clarity and create better workplaces.

emotional intelligence.png

emotional intelligence

The ability to read others makes you a better leader. You get more trust, energy, manage situations well and earn people’s respect. It will help you to react fair and appropriate. Understanding what makes people tick also helps you to become the master of your mind - more focus, more fun!

decision making.png

decision making

You make around 30000 decisions every single DAY. It is a huge effort for your brain to make a complex decision. If you feel tired in the afternoon - chances are you exposed your brain to too many options. Better decision making leads to clarity and confidence for you and your people.

service orientation.png

service orientation

Understanding how to serve and support others in their work makes people happier, teams more creative, improves mental health and increases productivity. It does not matter how little or big the act of service is - the mindset matters.

negotiation skills.png

negotiation skills

A good negotiator can make all sides feel like winners. Bridging gaps, keeping multiple facts in your head and being able to communicate solutions will make you generate more respect, trust and repeat business. Listening and reflecting are a big part of good negotiation skills.

cognitive flexibility.png

cognitive flexibility

How well can you flex your brain? This involves creativity, logical reasoning, and problem sensitivity. It also means being able to adapt how you communicate based on who you're talking to. Employers want to know you don't just say the same thing to everyone. = Being ready for the future of work. These students will be well prepared!
— Jennie, Deputy Principal, St Margarets College, Christchurch

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