Together, we will

  • Spend a life-changing day in a beautiful location

  • Make great decisions for your future

  • Choose the best career and business steps

  • Create action plans and gain confidence

  • Increase your focus, motivation and energy

What are the MYturn tools?

Our framework has been developed and tested by professional coaches. We’ve created a logical, practical flow of tools that everyone can understand and apply.

The tools are based on leadership psychology, modern neuroscience, classic eastern and western philosophy, and feedback from thousands of hours of working with people all over the world. You learn and practice the tools several times alone and with the group, so that you are confident in how to use them back in your day to day life.

Where can I have a MYturn experience?

Since 2015, people have enjoyed our unique sessions in Nelson, Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland, Sydney, Timaru, Motueka, Blenheim, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Czech Republic, Kuala Lumpur, Saudi Arabia, Phnom Penh, Bali, Barcelona, London and Paris. Check out some reviews...

For 2019, MYturn days are confirmed in Nelson, St Arnaud, Luxemburg, Tuscany - and maybe your place?
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How did MYturn start and what’s next?

If you feel like a good story, check out the article here

Would you like to book a private MYturn?

A private MYturn can be arranged at your place and is often booked by couples, businesses and schools.
If you like one, just email us so we can work out the best time and place for your people.