#2 Stevie

>The Cinematic Orchestra - Music Box<

You. Magic.
Wizards, witches and alchemists... angels, dragons and elves... hobbits, orks, and flying carpets... pixie dust and magic genies in golden lamps…

When did you leave the wonderland? When did you decide that certificates and degrees replace your magic spells, that you can’t wear mismatched socks anymore, that glitter and pirate flags belong to a dress up party? When did the child in you stop and the adult in you take over? What day was it when you looked in the mirror and you thought of yourself as a grown up?

I bet you can’t answer this with accuracy. There is no timestamp. Not a defined moment. No clear boundary. That is because there is no such thing. YOU are still YOU. Every day, your inner child is walking around with you in your adult, professional, mature body.

You may still keep your favourite childhood toy, your talisman, lucky stone and your magic bracelet from that carefree time stashed away in your messy drawer. Your keepsakes box serves as a treasure chest, as a subconscious reminder of your free spirit. You may use your inside voice around other adults or create a persona to fit into the society you are born in.

But...after dark, when you are by yourself or around your friends, your loved ones, the people you trust, you let your inner child out for some playtime. You drop the guard, you ditch the mask, you unveil depth and your real self. You laugh louder, you smile broader, you care less, you play more, you ARE YOU.

Still. Magic. You.

Jen Lundmind, bodyComment