#3 Martina

>Anderson .Paak - The Bird<

Birds of a feather…

When a blackbird meets another blackbird - they just hang out together for a while. Some mutual worm digging, some “rustle-leaves-tango”. There is no “What do you do?” or “Here is my business card, and please call me prof dr blackbird.”

They know they are both blackbirds...they do what blackbirds do. Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little. Sometimes it’s stormy, sometimes a light breeze. They simply enjoy each others company.

When they both go for the same breakfast worm, there may be some screeching and a few ruffled feathers, yet the incident is over and forgotten as quickly as it began. No silent treatment. No shitty gossip about the other blackbird. No smalltalk about the weather. No changing their social media status to “It’s complicated”. No stories from the past. No plans about the future. Only the here and now, watching the day unfold, doing their thing.

Alone. Together. Birds of a feather.

I appreciate and embrace the ability of us humans to make plans, to have memories, to question and judge things. If I had my way though, it would take up only 20% of our time and that we spend 80% of our time like the blackbirds.

Being us. Doing our thing.
Tweet. Chirp. Love. Ruffle feathers. Eat.

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