#5 Alistair

<Elvis Presley - A little less conversation>

What would you tell your 15 year old self?

To never give up. To go out and just do it. I am almost 70 now, so my teenage years were different from the young people today. When I was young, I took over the family business, but the economy turned on all of us and we went into liquidation. The business had been with us for 3 generations and took it on and had just started my own family. I felt personally responsible for the loss, was devastated and suffered from depression.

But there was no way I could give up. Somehow, an idea came to me, so I went and got myself a Tshirt printed. It read “Work wanted” and I put it on and walked up and down the main road. What can I say, within 24 hours I had a job that got me and my family over the next years. I had to think on my feet, and that is something that I still do today.

Never give up. Just go out and do it. If it is crap, people will forget, but if it works - then you win!

Jen Lundmind, peopleComment