#9 Debbie

<The Cinematic Orchestra - Breathe>

When you come home from a busy day, and you close the door behind you…

That moment right there.

Can you feel it?

The deep breath, the sigh, the exhale where your shoulders drop right down?

What if you could live your life in that moment?

What if someone sent a rude email to you and you just look at it, from that place behind the closed door?

You are feeling the long exhale, feeling your shoulders just melting down your spine and you smile?

What if your partner has a bad day, comes home, complains about this and that, says somthing that would have previously sent you down this thought spiral of “Enough, this is it, I should….” - but you could just come back to this place and breathe?

… inhale deeply, exhale completely.

The situation is still the same. The situation is never the problem. The way you can handle the situation, the way you can breath with it, through it, ride it, exhale it = that is pure strength. That is resilience, not resistance, in the softness, right there.

You don’t have it in you? Bullshit.

I have yet to meet someone who was not able to find it inside - all you need to do is go home and meet yourself. Go into nature, be in silence, get away from the noise and meet yourself. Meditate. Get into flow, be it by doing a sport you love, making music, writing….Inquire.

Date yourself. Ask yourself the things you ask someone on the first, second, 54th date. And then reply from your core, from what your heart feels to be true. Get to know your values. Get to know your breath and how it connects to your mood. Dive into the feeling of your deepest exhalation and the biochemical flood of goodness you can send to your brain just doing that.

Fill yourself up from the inside, so you don't need anyone or anything or even a home to come home to. Home is inside. You can open and close your door any time, any minute, any second.




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