#10 Ella

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What if my goals change?

I hope they do.

But I just worked so hard to figure them out? To make them SMART, specific, measurable, a….. Now you are telling me they change?

Yes. I hope you change too. You grow in the process of planning them. You learn how to focus and to understand what truly fits you.  You can only plan so much - there are so many unknowns down the path to your goal. The point is that you put mental energy into your goals, so that it will create a valuable guideline. Then you go on your journey and you likely tweak things as you learn more. It’s like programming your GPS.  If you put in your final destination, and on the way there is a blocked road, your GPS will need to reroute you. Sometimes you need to be on the road to find that stuff out. If you decide halfway through that your original destination is not what feels right to you anymore, then you can simply just pull over your car, have a good think - and reprogram your GPS before you head off again.

The issue is that most people don’t spend time to think about what to put into their GPS as destination.
Driving in circles, from birth to death…


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