#11 Freija

<Fat Freddy's Drop - Silver and Gold>


What do you spend your money on?
Where do you spend more than you need to?
What kind of story is behind that expense?
What are you actually getting when you are purchasing something?

Do you crave the status that comes with that brand of clothes?
Do you crave the story of this particular car?
Do you feel more special when you eat at that place?
Do you feel more important/ accepted/ loved when you buy this type of fragrance/ shoe/ dining table?

Go deeper.
Dig baby, dig…
Is is admiration, love, belonging to a group, the feeling you need to be a certain person to be good/right/okay and that that person has to wear this brand, does that hobby, eats at that place?

What are you craving?
How are you using your wallet to buy those feelings?
Marketing is psychology, you are the guinea pig.

Jen Lundmind, timeComment