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#12 Question

<Nas & Lauryn Hill - If I ruled the world>

If you won 5 million dollars, and you have to spend them (not save, not invest) what would you do with them?

Plot twist

You do have 5 million…. seconds.
You won them.
You have to spend them.
And you cannot get them back.


Send your answer to us for the chance to win a free MYturn day at the Nelson Lakes…

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#11 Freija

<Fat Freddy's Drop - Silver and Gold>


What do you spend your money on?
Where do you spend more than you need to?
What kind of story is behind that expense?
What are you actually getting when you are purchasing something?

Do you crave the status that comes with that brand of clothes?
Do you crave the story of this particular car?
Do you feel more special when you eat at that place?
Do you feel more important/ accepted/ loved when you buy this type of fragrance/ shoe/ dining table?

Go deeper.
Dig baby, dig…
Is is admiration, love, belonging to a group, the feeling you need to be a certain person to be good/right/okay and that that person has to wear this brand, does that hobby, eats at that place?

What are you craving?
How are you using your wallet to buy those feelings?
Marketing is psychology, you are the guinea pig.

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#10 Ella

<Trinity Roots - Musings of a cloud>

What if my goals change?

I hope they do.

But I just worked so hard to figure them out? To make them SMART, specific, measurable, a….. Now you are telling me they change?

Yes. I hope you change too. You grow in the process of planning them. You learn how to focus and to understand what truly fits you.  You can only plan so much - there are so many unknowns down the path to your goal. The point is that you put mental energy into your goals, so that it will create a valuable guideline. Then you go on your journey and you likely tweak things as you learn more. It’s like programming your GPS.  If you put in your final destination, and on the way there is a blocked road, your GPS will need to reroute you. Sometimes you need to be on the road to find that stuff out. If you decide halfway through that your original destination is not what feels right to you anymore, then you can simply just pull over your car, have a good think - and reprogram your GPS before you head off again.

The issue is that most people don’t spend time to think about what to put into their GPS as destination.
Driving in circles, from birth to death…


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#9 Debbie

<The Cinematic Orchestra - Breathe>

When you come home from a busy day, and you close the door behind you…

That moment right there.

Can you feel it?

The deep breath, the sigh, the exhale where your shoulders drop right down?

What if you could live your life in that moment?

What if someone sent a rude email to you and you just look at it, from that place behind the closed door?

You are feeling the long exhale, feeling your shoulders just melting down your spine and you smile?

What if your partner has a bad day, comes home, complains about this and that, says somthing that would have previously sent you down this thought spiral of “Enough, this is it, I should….” - but you could just come back to this place and breathe?

… inhale deeply, exhale completely.

The situation is still the same. The situation is never the problem. The way you can handle the situation, the way you can breath with it, through it, ride it, exhale it = that is pure strength. That is resilience, not resistance, in the softness, right there.

You don’t have it in you? Bullshit.

I have yet to meet someone who was not able to find it inside - all you need to do is go home and meet yourself. Go into nature, be in silence, get away from the noise and meet yourself. Meditate. Get into flow, be it by doing a sport you love, making music, writing….Inquire.

Date yourself. Ask yourself the things you ask someone on the first, second, 54th date. And then reply from your core, from what your heart feels to be true. Get to know your values. Get to know your breath and how it connects to your mood. Dive into the feeling of your deepest exhalation and the biochemical flood of goodness you can send to your brain just doing that.

Fill yourself up from the inside, so you don't need anyone or anything or even a home to come home to. Home is inside. You can open and close your door any time, any minute, any second.




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#7 Chelsea

<Fly my pretties - Mud & Stardust>

It feels like yesterday that I gave birth to my little girl. My husband and I, we both have this mix of pride and fear when we look at her. We just taught her to tie her shoes ... can you believe she starts driving lessons now?

Everything changes. Isn't it beautiful?

Yes, it is. *sighs* But, how can I guide her? How can I be the parent she needs? I just want her to be happy.

What does she need to be happy?

What do you mean?

Well, how well do you know her? What do you know about her passions and her dreams?

I don't know for sure. She likes music and reading. She is a little introvert, goes to violin practice and ballet. She gets on with everyone at school but she has only 2 very close friends. They keep the kids so busy at school with homework, exams, after school activities. I don't think they really teach them to find their passions. Heck, I don't even know mine! *laughs*

Good careers are pretty much adult versions of the things we enjoyed most as a child. It can be very helpful to take a trip down memory lane and extract the main qualities. As a parent, you can lead by example. What are the moments that make you feel truly alive now? How do they relate to the things you loved when you were young?

I see. Let me think...what comes to my mind....there was this one time, when I was 5, and I spent weeks doing...

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#6 Becks

<James Blake - Retrograde>

This man drives me crazy!! I am going to quit.

What happened?

My boss. He tells me to do something a certain way and then he makes me look silly by telling me that I am doing it wrong. Yesterday, he even copied the department manager into a condescending email to me!

Wow, that is a challenge. What have you tried so far?

I tried talking to him, but he somehow always manages to twist my words around. No matter the situation, things never seem to be his fault. It’s so unfair. No one in our department likes him but I am the youngest and an easy victim I guess.

So he is not seeing an issue and he is not hearing that you feel mistreated. What would you like to have happen?

Well...that he stops. But that is not likely as you said, he is not recognizing what’s wrong.

True. So what other options are there?

Hm. He won’t change. The only two options are either I stay or I go.

And what option would you prefer?

I want to stay. I love my job, I love my colleagues, I love my clients, I get paid well and it is close to where I live. There aren’t too many positions like this in this town.

What would you need if you stay?

Ha. A gun. Just kidding. I would need a thicker skin, like an armour. Something bulletproof where I can not feel his attacks. Or a clever way to expose his unfair behaviour.

There you go - we have some great things we can work with. First, your mindset - a resilient, zen like status, where any attacks of him just roll off like water on a duck's back. Second, a way to make your status clear and show him where he oversteps boundaries. Great work. Let’s work out those two in more detail...

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#5 Alistair

<Elvis Presley - A little less conversation>

What would you tell your 15 year old self?

To never give up. To go out and just do it. I am almost 70 now, so my teenage years were different from the young people today. When I was young, I took over the family business, but the economy turned on all of us and we went into liquidation. The business had been with us for 3 generations and took it on and had just started my own family. I felt personally responsible for the loss, was devastated and suffered from depression.

But there was no way I could give up. Somehow, an idea came to me, so I went and got myself a Tshirt printed. It read “Work wanted” and I put it on and walked up and down the main road. What can I say, within 24 hours I had a job that got me and my family over the next years. I had to think on my feet, and that is something that I still do today.

Never give up. Just go out and do it. If it is crap, people will forget, but if it works - then you win!

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#4 Question

<Aaron Kamm and the One Drops - Make it better>

If you could do your life all over again, which person would you invest more love and time into?

Email us your answer for the chance to win a free team ticket…

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#3 Martina

>Anderson .Paak - The Bird<

Birds of a feather…

When a blackbird meets another blackbird - they just hang out together for a while. Some mutual worm digging, some “rustle-leaves-tango”. There is no “What do you do?” or “Here is my business card, and please call me prof dr blackbird.”

They know they are both blackbirds...they do what blackbirds do. Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little. Sometimes it’s stormy, sometimes a light breeze. They simply enjoy each others company.

When they both go for the same breakfast worm, there may be some screeching and a few ruffled feathers, yet the incident is over and forgotten as quickly as it began. No silent treatment. No shitty gossip about the other blackbird. No smalltalk about the weather. No changing their social media status to “It’s complicated”. No stories from the past. No plans about the future. Only the here and now, watching the day unfold, doing their thing.

Alone. Together. Birds of a feather.

I appreciate and embrace the ability of us humans to make plans, to have memories, to question and judge things. If I had my way though, it would take up only 20% of our time and that we spend 80% of our time like the blackbirds.

Being us. Doing our thing.
Tweet. Chirp. Love. Ruffle feathers. Eat.

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#2 Stevie

>The Cinematic Orchestra - Music Box<

You. Magic.
Wizards, witches and alchemists... angels, dragons and elves... hobbits, orks, and flying carpets... pixie dust and magic genies in golden lamps…

When did you leave the wonderland? When did you decide that certificates and degrees replace your magic spells, that you can’t wear mismatched socks anymore, that glitter and pirate flags belong to a dress up party? When did the child in you stop and the adult in you take over? What day was it when you looked in the mirror and you thought of yourself as a grown up?

I bet you can’t answer this with accuracy. There is no timestamp. Not a defined moment. No clear boundary. That is because there is no such thing. YOU are still YOU. Every day, your inner child is walking around with you in your adult, professional, mature body.

You may still keep your favourite childhood toy, your talisman, lucky stone and your magic bracelet from that carefree time stashed away in your messy drawer. Your keepsakes box serves as a treasure chest, as a subconscious reminder of your free spirit. You may use your inside voice around other adults or create a persona to fit into the society you are born in.

But...after dark, when you are by yourself or around your friends, your loved ones, the people you trust, you let your inner child out for some playtime. You drop the guard, you ditch the mask, you unveil depth and your real self. You laugh louder, you smile broader, you care less, you play more, you ARE YOU.

Still. Magic. You.

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#1 Jennifer

>Marconi Union - Weightless<

"Yes and no. It depends” … followed by a random stream of consciousness. This is the answer I give most often when asked for my advice or opinion on something. The more I learn, the more I recognize that there is never only one true answer. The more I spend time with people going deep inside the depths of their beautiful minds, the more I humbly acknowledge the galaxies of thoughts, emotions, primed conditioning and changes of mind that we all share.

What was true for you this morning, is not true for you in the afternoon. You grow. You meet people. You hear their stories, you understand their reasons for doing things their way. You explore, you adapt, you feel and you react.

The more we are surrounded by people/media/groups who try to tell us that THIS IS THE RIGHT/ONLY/CORRECT WAY to do something, the more our inner wisdom feels rejected and disrespected. Your heart’s intelligence clashes with the one in your brain. Your gut acts up, your inner sage rebels in sight of the rigidity of politics, rules, “we have always done it this way”

And it doesn’t stop at the spiritual/ mental/ cerebral level. Stiffness in your brain equals stiffness in various parts of your body … strongly held opinions turn into physical lumps and knots... fixed beliefs manifest themselves as cancer … there is tension in your neck, grinding teeth in your sleep, biting nails, feeling your jaw hurting as you wake up in the morning. Tension headaches got their name for a reason, as do comfort food and love handles.

Thinking and feeling are twins. Be a wise parent, look after both the same way. Watch yourself, see them play and fight inside and make them reconnect again and again. You are made out of water and energy, both aren’t static things. Both are moving, flowing, travelling, buzzing, rushing or trickling inside you as currents.

There is no hard yes or no to any question, there is no “always” or “never”, there is only flow inside of you, and that flow changes all the time.

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