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It feels like yesterday that I gave birth to my little girl. My husband and I, we both have this mix of pride and fear when we look at her. We just taught her to tie her shoes ... can you believe she starts driving lessons now?

Everything changes. Isn't it beautiful?

Yes, it is. *sighs* But, how can I guide her? How can I be the parent she needs? I just want her to be happy.

What does she need to be happy?

What do you mean?

Well, how well do you know her? What do you know about her passions and her dreams?

I don't know for sure. She likes music and reading. She is a little introvert, goes to violin practice and ballet. She gets on with everyone at school but she has only 2 very close friends. They keep the kids so busy at school with homework, exams, after school activities. I don't think they really teach them to find their passions. Heck, I don't even know mine! *laughs*

Good careers are pretty much adult versions of the things we enjoyed most as a child. It can be very helpful to take a trip down memory lane and extract the main qualities. As a parent, you can lead by example. What are the moments that make you feel truly alive now? How do they relate to the things you loved when you were young?

I see. Let me think...what comes to my mind....there was this one time, when I was 5, and I spent weeks doing...

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